Principal Data Scientist/CEO

Gunnar Kleemann, Ph.D.

Dr. Gunnar Kleemann runs the Texas-based data science shop, Austin Capital Data. His research focuses on efforts to make complex deep-science datasets, such as biomedical datasets more accessible. He regularly presents his results at international conferences, most recently he presented a graph-based analysis of Corona viruses at Grakn Orbit 2021.

Dr. Kleemann is formally trained as a behavioral geneticist and has published research in the most prominent international journals including Cell, Genetics and the Journal of Neuroscience. Additionally, he has over 25 years of experience teaching a broad array of STEM fields; acting as a teacher and advisor to students in a number of contexts at institutions including at The Princeton University Genomics Institute, Barnard College, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, K2, Data Society, UC Berkeley’s Masters in Data Science (MIDS) and the Princeton Review. Dr. Kleemann is dedicated to conveying data science to a broader audience since he believes analytic and programming skills are core competencies in the modern and future workplace.