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Austin Capital Data is rooted in bioinformatics and applications of knowledge graphs. We're committed to making the fruits of deep technology accessible to a broader audience.

  • Origins

    Gunnar Kleemann, MIDS; Ph.D. /CEO

    Since my very first job 25 years ago teaching MCAT prep (Princeton review) and biology labs at Barnard College I have been transmitting my enthusiasm for science and research.

  • Our Mission

    At Austin Capital Data (ACD) we believe that we are in a pivotal time, when data literacy and a full appreciation of scientific innovation is critical to our lives. Our primary mission is to use data science analytics to foster greater access to important but nuanced scientific data.

  • Our Focus

    This focus is reflected in our corporate engagements and research portfolio. Our portfolio includes analysis tools for virus biology, cancer research, and patterns of publication in scientific communities. Our corporate engagements involve doing complex analytics, and building tools for drug discovery, disease profiling, genomics and cyber threat intervention.

  • What we do

    We teach, build open-source tools, and develop data products which enable powerful insights from scientific literature. Please contact us if you are interested in our services.

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Data science empowers businesses and creative spaces to create new opportunity. Austin Capital Data brings these benefits to everyone.

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Austin Capital Data is excited to annouce our upcoming educational series.

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We want to make data science tools that people love to use. Here are some of our favorite projects.

Cocktail Graph

Network of Ingredients/Drinks

Cancer Literature Graph

Grakn Knowledge Graph

Collaboration Network

Collaboration in paper publications


Interested in learning more? Austin Capital Data's past talks are available to view online.

Making Deep-Tech Accessible.

Cosmos 2020


Making Cancer Literature More Accessible.

Grakn Orbit 2020


Predicting Biotechnology Success.

AnacondaCon 2019


Exploring Ingredients and Recipes.

Grakn Orbit 2020


Public Cancer Literature

Austin Python 2020


Dynamic Recommender Systems

Cognitive Systems 2018


Viruses! Small and Dangerous; How Can a Knowledge Graph Help Us?

Grakn Orbit 2021


Using TypeDB for Biomedical Research.

Vaticle Webinar 2021


Using Python and TypeDB to Understand Virus Biology.

Austin Python 2021


Clients and Collaborators

Our Amazing Team

Gunnar Kleemann, Ph.D.

Principal Data Scientist/CEO

Rob Foster

Data Scientist/ Curriculum Developer

Kirti Kamerkar

Jr. Developer

Kevin Martin

Data Scientist

Skylar Chadwick


Mayra Castro

Project Manager

Alumni Profiles

Austin Capital Data values the contributions of our previous team members!

Kiersten Henderson, Ph.D.

Alumni, Data Scientist

Justine Chia, Ph.D.

Alumni, Data Scientist

Tim Chen

Data Scientist

Joe Mirza

Data Scientist

Sandip Panesar, M.D.

Data Science Fellow

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